Covid Silver Lining:

We simply cannot worry about anything anymore!

Of all the things you and I were worried about when Covid hit...not one of them was about a global pandemic, claiming thousands of lives and nearly upending our economy.

Can I get a witness???

In 2019, many of my colleagues-fabulously successful, hard working men and women, were at the top of their profession & earning potential, and at the end of their rope-psychologically, unhappy and exhausted.

In 2020, those same people took up gardening, yoga, read, worked on their fine art, made meals with their family...went on hikes every day.

I myself spent a lot of time outside biking, gardening and sitting by the ocean, and inside cooking and reading.

My studio--the actual physical manifestation of a young photographer’s dream, sat quietly...patiently waiting for my return, and the return of so many creative, energetic, funny, fabulous people, with whom I shared some of the best years of my professional life.

Will we find the flint to spark this creative tinder? Shall we convince the phoenix to rise from the flames and begin again?

I’m in, if you are:-)